Ongoing Support + Growth

Your Website is an investment. Don't neglect it.

Just having a website for your business will no longer cut it. Users today expect a fast, clear, always-available experience, or they’ll simply move on to another website. In addition to keeping your website secure and up-to-date, I help my clients take action towards consistently improving their websites. Through monthly performance reports and consulting calls, I will make direct improvements and recommendations for your site that will improve its performance and value for your business.


Maintenance & Security
$ 59
/ MO
  • Premium Hosting
  • Software Updates (Monthly)
  • Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Priority Support (30 min monthly)


Optimization & Consulting
$ 199
/ MO
  • Premium Hosting
  • Software Updates (Weekly)
  • Security & Uptime Monitoring
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • SEO Tracking & Report
  • Speed Optimization
  • Priority Support (2 hours monthly)
  • Monthly Consulting Call
  • 20% Discount on additional hours


Built For Your Brand
$ Custom
  • Multiple Websites
  • Ecommerce Needs
  • A/B Testing
  • Heatmapping
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Newsletter Optimization
  • Anything Else

Included in all plans

Essential Features for any Business


Your site will be configured with increased security measures and scanned regularly for issues.

Daily Backups

I will configure daily backups stored on a secure off-site backup server. In the event of a major problem, your site can be reverted to a previous day's version.

Regular Updates

WordPress needs regular updates to ensure it will run smoothly for years to come. I'll perform all of the updates to WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

Monthly Performance Report

See how your site is doing with a detailed monthly analysis showing you analytics, SEO, site performance and more.

Premium Features


Keep track of how your website ranks in search engines over time and ensure that the site stays search engine optimized.

Monthly Consulting Meeting

I'll present my findings and recommendations each month in a consulting call as well as a detailed report.

Speed Optimization

I'll check your website's speed each month, and perform any necessary improvements to keep it running fast.


Most frequent questions and answers

A regular host handles nothing but the servers where the website are hosted. It’s not their job to make sure that your website works, just that the servers stay online.

Yes, absolutely. If you decide that you no longer need the service, I’ll help you migrate your site to a host of your choosing.

Unfortunately you cannot, support time resets at the beginning of each month. If you’d like to purchase regular support time that can be saved and used when needed, we can discuss that.

If you need additional help during the month, you can hire me at a regular hourly rate (or 20% off if you have the Growth package). 

If you’ve got multiple websites you’d like managed, I’m happy to discuss a package discount.

Yes, these packages are optimized for WordPress sites.

In most cases, yes. These plans were created specifically for my clients, because I built their sites and know them inside and out. If you’re not a client but are interested in one of these plans, contact me and we can discuss your needs.

I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. But IF something catastrophic happens, we’ll have the systems in place to quickly take care of it, and remove any security vulnerabilities that might have existed.