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  • Business owners and managers who want to improve their online processes and efficiency
  • Ecommerce store operators who want to increase their sales
  • Solo entrepreneurs looking to scale their business
  • Website owners or Bloggers who want to monetize or grow their site

What can we Discuss? Your choice!

  • Airtable Consulting – Want some help building the Base of your dreams, or some advice on what to do with your existing data?
  • Website Improvements – Ways to improve the design or functionality of your existing website.
  • SEO Analysis – Discuss ways to increase your search engine visibility and traffic.
  • Ecommerce Analysis – We can take a look at ways to increase your shop’s conversion rate or sales.
  • Website Speed Analysis – I can help you identify what is slowing down your WordPress site.
  • Analytics consultation – We’ll dig into the numbers and find ways you can improve your traffic or user engagement.

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